Who I am


Born in a small Free State mining town in South Africa, Karel Vermeulen (Coach-Karl), the founder and director of Lubrimaxxx personal lubricant - never imagined that he would one day at the age of 42 makes his first fortune out of healthy sexual products.  The self-confessed "serial entrepreneur" is also an international inspirational speaker, business transformational coach, owner of a natural skincare range, co-owner of the popular coffee shop Continuum in Woodstock, Cape Town South Africa, and author.


Why I do this


 Your success is our results - my motto.  I am passionate to teach other aspiring and successful entrepreneurs what I have learned to help them on their road to business success.   I believe that we all can learn from each other. 


What I can do for you


Business coaching supports entrepreneurs in achieving the results that are important to his or her personal success and the long term success of his or her organization.  I assume that my client is the expert on his or her own business/career.  My role as a business transformational coach is to draw out my client's expertise or lack thereof through inquiry, curiosity, challenges, and accountability.  I help my client to stretch into his or her best self.  To do that, I introduce self-observation exercises and behavioral practices.  I am attentive to my clients physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual state.  I help my client to focus on his or her presence and behaviors.  My role as a business transformational coach is distinct from therapy, or counseling.  However, business transformational coaching does address personal issues or life conditions that impact a client's professional effectiveness.